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The European Ossabaw Facility is rooted in many years of research in pig infection and inflammation models, and in a long-term collaboration between Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Indiana University specifically on the Ossabaw pig. The establishment of the European Ossabaw Facility in 2018 at DTU is the direct result of this collaboration. Research on this superior animal model for obesity and metabolic syndrome associated diseases continues at DTU in a number of ongoing research projects with collaborators at and outside DTU. 

The Ossabaw obesity-model has a proven record in the US. Over the years more than 150 research papers have been published, with more than 50 since 2015, see the list here (PDF file). 


Housed at DTU Health Tech, Lyngby campus, we have access to advanced platforms for immunoassay development, high-throughput transcriptomics, cellular characterization, sequencing and mass spectrometry as well as on-site section rooms and bioimaging facilities. In addition the prioritized research areas at DTU Health Tech, including diagnostic imaging, surgical technology, precision diagnostics and personalized therapy create, a unique and active mutually beneficial environment for further exploration of the Ossabaw pig model. 

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Please contact us if you would like to use Ossabaw pigs for your research or if you are interested in using our services.


Peter M. H. Heegaard

Peter M. H. Heegaard Professor Department of Health Technology Phone: +45 35886241